Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Second Chance, A Second Passover (Chps 3-5: Part 1)

Three days at the edge of the promised land, the edge of battle, the edge of a muddy overflowing river, the people of Israel wait.

It's been awhile since I posted last. M'lady had posted awhile ago on Chapter 2 of Joshua focusing on the core thoughts and the core statement of faith Rahab. "For the LORD your God is God in heaven above and on the earth below" stated Rahab in midsentance. All the people of the land were terrified but Rahab was afraid enough to believe. And through the spies, God extends his grace (Chesed) to Rahab.

That Chapter (Chapter 2) splits up the path of commands from chapter 1. Previously, God had commanded Joshua and Joshua had commanded the Officers. Now after three days by a smelly river the commands will be carried out and the people will cross over.

So before the people cross over (עבר) the elders pass through the camp (עבר). Not only do they pass through the camp but through the midst (קרב), meaning all amoung the people. The Hebrew word is often used for the inards of somebody or something in their heart/mind. The officers have "Started" something that will be so amazing as the day moves on.

But I will have to write that more later :).

Monday, April 2, 2007

Hope, be Un- Dismayed: Joshua Chapter 8 vs 1

" Now the Lord said to Joshua 'Do not be afraid nor be dismayed;...' "

The title of my personal Blog is Hope be Undismayed; which i entitled after a song by Jars of Clay. Reading Joshua 8 has put a bit of conviction in my heart because somewhere in these past 8 months my hope has been lower, my faith challenged, and i have indeed at times been dismayed.

Lately God has gently and yet at the same time abruptly been reminding me that He is with me. That he hasn't left me to walk through this world on my own. That i can hope for 'good' things to happen even if those good things only come after hard times. Even if those good times never come. I know that the Lord was "with " Joshua in a different way than he is "with" me but no matter the diffrence He is indeed still "with" me.

Thank you Carl, for gently reminding me of this truth through out our 2 and 1/2 month courtship and for gently reminding me of this truth through out our 2 and 1/2 years of friendship God has used you mightlily in my life.

War Strategy: Joshua chapter 8

As i read this passage i remembered the importance of having a 'strategy.' Strategies that will help us defeat sin in our lives, or that will give us targets to help us stay on the right path even when obstacles stand in the way.

I am such a "gone with the wind" kind of person and no I'm not talking about the movie. I have often in my life just gone where-ever the wind has blown me and while that has had its advantages from time to time and has definitely been quite the adventure; I have also been able to look at the times in my life where my lack of 'strategies' or as my boyfriend likes to say "planning" has made the adventure some what more difficult at times.

It is not that i am completely opposed to having a plan but i have often been discouraged by things that have not gone according to plan that i've so very often reached the conclusion better just to go with the flow than to paddle up river.

And the more that i have reflected on it the more that i realize that even i must find the balance between going with the wind and planning how to paddle up stream.

I have often given Carl a hard time for always 'planning' things out but the more that i think about it he's not that far off track :) a slong as he keeps a balance between having a stratgy and walking by faith ; which sometimes includes not knowing which way the wind will take you (oh the irony of it all)