Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sex God

I thought that title might grab some attention and before i let your minds wonder to far you should know that it is the title of a book that Carl and I are reading together. You know out of all of the pre-marital counseling book recommendations this one has been a good one so far.

It isn't a 'how to' book on sex, it isn't about the anatomy of the male and females and or the differences in how our bodies work but instead it focuses on how Christians should think about sex.

It's a book that talks about sex in marriage and created for marriage, but it also talks about how we as sexual beings, created such by God, can focus are energies towards other things as singles.

A book about sex talking about sex for singles? Doesn't sound good I know but it is...

Don't get me wrong this book IS NOT advocating for pre-marital sex but it advocating that we as singles view our sexuality in a healthy light, so that we realize that our sexual desires in and of themselves are not evil things...We do in fact have the ability to take those "good desires" and use them for other things other than sex itself that will still help us to re-connect with those around us.

This book like all books should be read with discretion and there are some things that even i don't fully agree with but as I told Carl try to take the good things away from this may find some things very enlightening.

Today we read a chapter that talked about lust. And the main point of this chapter was that lust seems to start in a persons heart when they are not satisfied or content or at peace with their lives and what they are what happens is they go searching. Searching for something that will make them satisfied...and this is where lust can easily begin to sink in.

It should be noted that we as humans can lust after many things, we can lust after sex, we can lust after money, we can lust after clothes, we can lust after cars, we can even lust after education. Lusting is rooted in the lie of "If i just had..."

"If i just had .....




(fill in the blank.)"

"Then I would be....






(fill in the blank.)"

When the truth is lust rarely ever satisfies and it rarely ever fulfills it's promise. But it always leads us to wanting more and then we seem to be caught in a web of deception and we aren't sure how we got there in the first place.

Instead of lusting we must learn to be content with our surroundings, with our lives, and we must find something good to pour ourselves into, to give our desires to, but what ever that something is it needs to be good and beneficial to not only us but to those around us and glorifying to God.

So then my question becomes which the book does not answer do we find that something? How do we find that one thing to give our lives to? And how do we know when we've found it and in the mean time how do we stay content and at peace with our surroundings? How do we not lust while we're searching for that something?

I think there will be more thoughts to come later.