Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Joshua 3-5 Part 2a-Chiastic Structure, introducing a memory

My last post, back in the beginning of April, was brief and far too provoking to leave you hanging. Unfortunately, I will be refering to that post in this one because it contains brief contextual information to this story. If you wish to understand the rest of the context I would recommend reading the Exodus of the Israelites in the early chapters of the Book of Exodus--specificly chapter 14, when they cross through the Red Sea.

To understand this post you will at least want to read Joshua 3-4, which is one synergistic passage linked by Chiasm. (Chiasm is literary structure used to join thoughts together in a fashion that emphasizes what is in the middle and compares what is done on either end. Click the link to find out more.) The middle of the Chiasm is at the end of Chapter 3 and beginning of Chapter 4. Notice they are the exact same sentance: "All the nation had finished crossing the Jordan." After that "middle point" there is type of segway in thought, picking up from Chapter 3:12, which was a break in sentance. The passage is emphasizing the segway about 12 memorial stones. God wanted them to remember who He was/is and what He did for them because of it.

Sara posted her thoughts quite well on this part of the chapter awhile ago. I will simply seek to add on to it from the surrounding text.

Around and inside of that centeral part of the passage are key words that frame what God wanted the Israelites and us to understand. Two of them were already introduced by the officers (c.f. previous post). I will pick up on the other two in my next post.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Lots of Thanks Giving

No, I'm not talking about the big meal feast, all though I can't wait till the next coming one...

I don't have any verses to write and try to explain my take on them. Sometimes i'm just not as good at it as Carl is but instead I will write about what I have been extremely thankful for lately.

I have been thankful for many phone conversations that have resulted in some type of praise/adoration for our Savior. These conversations put a hope and a joy into my soul again. I think sometimes my days can get long and discouraging but it always seems more complete and fulfilling when someone else gently reminds me that i have much to be thankful for.

I have been thankful readings of Winnie the Pooh, and while some out there in the blogging world would see this to be quite childish it is very peaceful for me. The 'silly o'le bear' has a way of bringing me back into a child like wonder. It reminds me that everyday things can be an adventure. For example, my work environment can be a place of great place of refuge and significance when i imagine and begin to believe at times that i really do do something that can change lives.

FIO..my favorite Pooh story so far has been the one about Eayore (? i can't spell) having a birthday...that cracked me up.

I have been thankful for morning and evening prayers. For days that i get to begin with God reminding that every day counts and is significant.

I have been thankful for a week of continuously surrendering those that are most important to me back to God and walking away with peace and comfort knowing that they/he is indeed the best hands that I could place them/him in.

I have been thankful for silly chats with my roommate and for superhero images.

I have been thankful for all of the continual peace and grace that God gives me even when i don't deserve.

I am thankful to have such a wonderful Savior, a beautiful God, and a loving Spirit.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Overdue Gratitude

Life is a blink and this thanks is too short for the people who have commented on a blog long left uncultivated.

Many thanks, I hope the few upcoming posts will be thankful response.