Sunday, November 20, 2011


I have prided myself on my memory throughout much of my life. It seems to be getting a lot harder to remember anything of substance these days. Sometimes, in my tired moments, circuts spark and memories flood in, like a river Dam that bursts from a few tiny cracks.

Perhaps I'm just getting older or am I aging myself? In the midst of this remembering it's hard to say. Indeed it is hard to truly have a grasp at any point in one's life as to where one trully is. Only a supreme measurement and omniscient view could grasp with true accuracy the "place" on is at in life. Am I better or am I worse? Am I farther or closer? And to what goal anyways?

Most of us have settled in about my age, having created a measurement of ourselves based on our own memories of what is past. Based on what we can remember, we will place a marker as to how far we have come. Based on what we remember, we set a goal for what we hope to be. This is still lacking. Our memories are few and fleeting, liquid and fragile.

What's worse? Most of us can not remember a memory without any bad. The good can be abundant but is still mixed with sorrow, pain, loss, pride, lust, destruction, and sin.

So when I am remembering, I wonder of the place where it was only good. I remember the story written of a perfectly good world, before the memory of all but three. It was related to us by the only One with a perfect memory and to men who needed to know how far we have fallen, not grown. This memory of mankind's fall from goodness, described in Genesis, continues to hearld the truth of depravity like a beacon of light on top the highest mountain, shining into the darkest abyss of the ocean.

With His memory, I must keep mine alive. Without it, my memory is dead and will decay to meaningless events and facts. I will not see or understand good. And what can I say will be the end, if I cannot see the beginning? He, who sees the beginning and the end, who sees all time as memory and plan at once, He must guide my ways and my memories.

Lest I be like Israel, forgetting the God who saved them, and worshiping the things he gave them.

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